Solution for Prevention and Control
Developed by Yame Technology to monitor the real-time operating status of postprocessors and vehicles, OBD meets regulatory requirements on the control of diesel truck pollution, monitors and manages the data collected on vehicle operation and exhaust emission via remote monitoring platform, alerts vehicle owners on vehicle malfunctioning and repair needs, stays connected with local environmental authorities, and enables emission monitoring and data analysis on diesel vehicles at all times and in all dimensions.  
The solution factors in real-time mass data, integrates the monitored emission data from vehicles in operation, non-road mobile machinery, road test remote sensing, vehicle emission treatment information management system, etc., develops monitoring data database on regional heavy-duty diesel vehicles, establishes big data platform for vehicle emission monitoring, employs data mining, analytics and other technologies, computes and analyzes monitored emission data on diesel vehicles, presents regional overview on vehicles and emissions, and supports policy and decision making on vehicle-related environmental administration.
Vehicles shown to be emitting abnormally in the remote emission monitoring system shall be repaired in designated M stations, in order to meet the regulatory standards on emission control. The emission control equipment developed by Yame Technology meets regulatory pollution control standards on emission by gasoline, diesel and natural gas, as well as non-road mobile sources, as well as internet regulation requirements for maintenance and repair data. Thus, it is well positioned to provide M stations with station-establishment service standards, exhaust-control technician training and business-operation experiences, and bring in place an effective total solution on pollution control for diesel vehicles encompassing regulation, control and evaluation.
Remote Online Emission Monitoring System for Vehicles in Operation
- Technologies -
Hardware Support
Backend for Big Data
Online Monitoring Platform
Monitoring system presents an intuitive view from data collection to multidimensional analytics
Hardware hosts the system, resolves the protocols, collects and stores data, uploads to the backend of big data system, integrates devices such as sensors for temperature, NOx and smoke, and delivers more precise monitoring.
It receives data transmitted from OBD, and performs processing, storage and analytics

It monitors in real time the operating status of vehicles and their postprocessors, and generates fault alerts on the platform  
Remote Online Emission Monitoring System for Vehicles in Operation follows the path of “managing before monitoring”, provides a service package of “OBD + platform + big data analytics”, connects with environmental authorities, and meets the regulatory requirements for the prevention and control of pollution by diesel vehicles.
Monitoring Platform for Non-Road Mobile Machinery
Used for non-road mobile machinery, this platform meets the regulatory requirements for diesel-fueled equipment in the national campaign for diesel pollution control, enables all-dimensional remote monitoring and management of engineering machinery, collects, stores and uploads data about such parameters as the machinery’s location, engine speed, exhaust temperature and emission of particles and NOx, and provides non-road engineering machinery with such services as data collection, online transmission, real-time monitoring and data storage.

Road Test Remote-Sensing Platform
Along urban roads, fixed and mobile remote exhaust monitoring systems, polluting vehicle monitoring and snapshot system, vehicle pollution online monitoring system and roadside particle online detectors are installed. Real-time data network is used to form a platform for vehicle pollution data analytics and environmental enforcement data collection, in order to ultimately enable central and local authorities to precisely enforce against vehicle pollution and improve urban air quality. This platform is connectable with the vehicle emission monitoring platforms of environmental authorities.

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