Product Introduction

Intelligent black boxes ensure healthy vehicles and safe rides.

Vehicle experience
Driving behavior assessment
Emergency rescue
Violation alarm
Maintenance advisor
Voltage monitoring
fuel saver
Products features
1. Plug-and-play OBD interface; 2. Work well for >95% of vehicle models; 3. Industry-leading power efficiency (<5mAh while standby) 4. Wide range of temperature (+75℃ to -30℃) 5. Anti-interference (passed OEM EMC tests)
Core function 1: vehicle experience
Detect faults, covering 10,810 engine fault codes. Check your vehicle on mobile phone, find hazards ASAP and prevent faults.
Core function 2: vehicle tracking
Once a vehicle is scratched or its window broken, you will receive voice alarm, and stay updated however far away. All routes are precisely recorded.
Core function 3: driving assessment
Assess your driving for eco-friendliness on a weekly basis, and help you drive with higher smoothness and fuel efficiency.
Core function 4: emergency rescue
When your vehicle is hit by accident and needs to be towed, 11,000 outlets nationwide are there to help you out within a radius of 50km
Core function 5: violation alarm
In all major cities nationwide, check your violation history and avoid recurrence .
Core function 6: maintenance advisor
Automatic maintenance reminder makes sure you won’t miss it however busy you are.
Core function 7: voltage monitoring
Voltage is automatically checked every two hours during parking. Alert is sent when voltage drops below normal (<12V). Voltage curve is remotely visible.
Core function 8: fuel saver
Weekly fuel performance is benchmarked with local peers to improve driving behavior.
Core function 9: premium shopping
Selected products lift life quality. By racing or continuously using our APP, one can earn our credits, and redeem them for violation alerts, discounted products or other perks.
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