N-III diesel vehicles
Post-processor retrofit (installing DPF/DPF+SCR or NOx sensor) + real-time monitoring
N-IV/V diesel vehicles
Real-time monitoring
Onboard remote communication device
Resolve protocols, collect data and upload to big-data backend.
Cloud computing, map positioning, data statistics and analytics and algorithmic analysis.
Monitor in real time the status of post-processing system and vehicle operation, and alert the platform to faulty vehicles
Backend services
Monitoring platform
GPS positioning
Operating status of vehicle
Status of engine  
Working status of post-processor
Vehicle monitoring
Alarm and fault inquiry
Alarm handling
Alarm push settings
Alarm parameter settings
Alarm inquiry
Real-time data
Historical data
Assessment reports
Emission characteristics
Data statistics
Operational statistics
Emission data management
Installation progress management
Post-processing product management
Administrative management
Vendor management
Garage management
Account authorization and role management

Business management
Vehicle management
Vehicle information management
Device information managemen
Platform performs data collection, online transmission, real-time monitoring, data storage and other services for 20-plus parameters of heavy-duty diesel vehicles, such as environment, GPS and vehicles.
Solution Summary
Remote emission monitoring system is a solution designed to monitor in real time the exhaust emission by diesel vehicles subject to National VI/V emission standards.
Project Flow
Remote in-use vehicle emission monitoring system is a solution that first monitors then manages vehicles, provides onboard device + platform + big data analytics service, connects with the network of environmental authorities, and complies with government requirement on diesel vehicle pollution control.
Integrated management system for heavy-duty diesel vehicles
In-use vehicle emission remote monitoring system
Municipal environmental and transport authorities jointly and officially published the Circular on the Work Plan for Heavy-duty Diesel Vehicle Management.
Diesel vehicles are screened, district by district, and catalogued for management.
Choose the location to mount onboard devices onto vehicles.
Realize real-time monitoring of in-use vehicles, and connect with the network of local environmental authorities.
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