Provide real-time traffic and road video data.
Dynamic video network
On top of enormous existing user data, dynamic vehicle data are used to bring order to the industry.
Solution on Diesel Vehicle Pollution Monitoring
Solution for Auto Insurance Powered by Big Data
Intelligent vehicle management
Via telematics, vehicles were intelligently operated and hailed online. Hazards are controlled, and passengers and taxies managed.
Solution on the Intelligent Dispatching of Logistics Vehicles
Solution on the Dispatching and Management of Online Ride Hailing
Solution on the Management of Cold-Chain Logistics Vehicles
Solution on the Management of New-Energy Vehicles
Solution for Satellite-based Vehicle Trackers (SVT)
Solution on Smart Company Car Management
Solution for E-Bike Management
Solution on Smart Urban Transport
Export telematics data to optimize city planning and traffic management.
Big data of mobility
Under the mode of autonomous driving, V2X can analyze real-time traffic conditions, automatically select the best route, and ease traffic jam. Onboard sensors and cameras allow vehicles to sense the surrounding environment, make quick adjustments, send accurate alerts and conduct precise accident assessments.
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