Motorcycles and e-bikes are the preferred vehicles for most ordinary people, due to their cost effectiveness. In the quickly expanding take-away market, deliverymen also favor e-bikes for their flexibility and ease of use. However, as shown by data from one city, e-bikes and motorcycles represented nearly 60% of the vehicle cases of the year, many of them being theft and robbery. Therefore, local police prioritized such cases in local law enforcement.
Scenarios of application
Individual owners
Traffic police
Industrial customers
E-bike manufacturers
While thieves use more advance tools, individual owners lack immediate awareness of theft and become reluctant to equip their e-bikes with theft-protection devices. One hit by an accident, individual owners often fail to access first aid and end up in tragedy.
E-bike violations are hard to find and expensive to be enforced effectively or regularly. Therefore, the danger they cause to traffic tend to persist. It is unlikely for the perpetrators of bike-caused accidents to be traced, or the stolen bikes to be recovered.

In such industries as logistics, courier service and food delivery, workers often neglect safety and commit violations. They behavior and progress elude surveillance and management.
E-bike manufacturers share the ability and desire to make their products more theft-proof and differentiated. There is a consensus in the industry that intelligent and connected e-bikes represent the future.

Our cloud + mobile app + onboard device intelligent management platform builds on OBD onboard device, collects and analyzes data, solves industry pain points, supports managerial decisions, and eliminates the difficulty of e-bike management.
Real-time GPS positioning
Battery protection
Shock reminder
Trip data algorithm
Adding emergency contact person
Driving behavior analysis algorithm
Platform management system
Route records
Violations management
Brake slamming
Personnel monitoring
Vehicle management
statistics & analytics
Rescue service
Abnormality alerts received on mobile phones

Smart device
Adding emergency contact person
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