Road construction slower than car purchase.
China to surpass the US by 2020 with the world’s largest car parc.
Weak capabilities of data analytics.
Regulatory tools limited and not backed by science or data.
Fragmented information kept in sectoral silos
Underappreciated value of traffic data (data sharing and mining)
Lack of resource integration and comprehensive regulation.
Challenges facing traditional traffic management
Value of smart transport

Researchers and planners




●Understand the pattern of urban traffic

●Map the gap between plan and needs

●Profile and predict traffic patterns

●Handle traffic accidents and emergencies

●Provide traffic guidance  

●Support traffic planning, routing, capacity design and other upper-level applications

●Support resourcing decisions

●Leverage our analytical capability and build their services and applications

●Develop business-specific analytics  

●Access traffic information at anytime from anywhere

End-to-end solutions created for smart transport
Standardized auto industry
Eased traffic jam
Optimized transport planning
Accurately alerted and defined accidents
Pioneering applications
Overall construction ideas
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