The thriving online ride hailing service has changed user habits for mobility. Mobile internet has won wide recognition and reshaped rental business. DiDi and other online ride hailing companies are entering the enterprise market, and delivering more appealing user experiences with self-owned cars. Therefore, traditional rental companies need to embrace the mobile internet and prepare themselves for future market competition.
Preferred model of mobility
convenient mobile app
efficient model of mobility
Total solution for car rental companies
A scalable telematics platform with customizable web applications is provided to traditional taxi companies. Passengers can hail rides on apps and WeChat. Smart devices can remotely monitor vehicles and drivers. A monitoring and management platform is provided to car rental operators. The platform incorporates powerful business management applications such as UI, process, logics, algorithm, inquiry, statistics and reporting, and ensures rapid and reliable deployment and high performance of operation.
Users, drivers (app)
platform operation and regulation
Technical Solution


System composition: T-Box + apps (optional)
【车载终端】 3G智能车载终端,安卓操作系统,存储卡容量可定制扩展 【智能应用】 智能化终端应用,包括导航、电招、约车订单、语音交互、司机接单,终端导航到乘客约车地点,导航到目的地 【灵活扩展】 可扩展接入打卡、OBD终端、等硬件
Smart navigator installable, including trip recording, app operation with touchscreen preinstalled, dual-camera remote monitoring, real-time order taking, remote dispatching and monitoring, voice interaction and navigation and interactivity with backend customers.
[Onboard device] T-Box, Android OS and expandable memory card. [Smart apps] Smart apps, including navigation, hailing, reservation, voice interaction, driver taking orders, navigation to departure point and navigation to destination. [Flexible and scalable] scalable access logging , OBD device and other hardware.

Visualized order monitoring and dispatch management
Highlights: navigation + hailing customer service
Platform dispatching, CS calling, route guiding and relieving drivers of the danger of operating phones while driving
One-touch calling
Drivers may request for service by one-touch calling, and thus drive safer and easier without holding the phone at work

Real-time traffic display
Drivers can select on their onboard devices whether to display real-time traffic conditions. Once display is chosen, call center system will distribute real-time traffic information down to the devices, the navigation software on which will process such information and display it on map.

Order bidding
Once a customer order arrives, dispatch center will circulate the order to unoccupied vehicles nearby. With order bidding available on onboard device, a driver may push a button to bid for the order. The platform will pick the winner per dispatching rules.

E-badge display
Driver’s e-badge is visible, including the badge issuer, expiry date, service level, car plate number and driver’s photo.
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