Cold-chain logistics issues
Are wheels pre-cooled before loading?

Is there temperature abnormality during transport?

Poor stacking of cargo
70% of coolness lost during frequent loading/offloading
Poor temperature management

Is there quality abnormality for cargo?

How are customer complaints addressed?

Cold-Chain Logistics Hardware Specs

Portable printer

Cold-chain logistics hardware specs

Door contact

RFID temperature label

Control console

Onboard device

General Scheme

Features of onboard devices

Lower Cost
Accurate Data
Higher efficiency
Lower cost for vehicle operation
Lower cost for logistical communication
Lower cost for handover management
Accurate fuel efficiency data are obtained by combing terminal and sensor data and applying critical algorithms;Multi-point temperature and humidity data are collected to generate accurate knowledge about container status and humidity/temperature alarms
Managerial efficiency is enhanced through automatic route planning and deviation alarms;Decision making is supported by multi-dimensional reporting
Management system
Temperature & humidity management
Transport management
Mileage and fuel consumption management
Printing management
Driving behavior management
Door opening/closing management
Temperature & humidity management
Scheduling management
Order-specific mileage and fuel consumption statistics
Printing temperature during transport
Driving behavior analysis
Door opening/closing alarms
Temperature & humidity historical trends
Transport statistics
Customer information management
Driving behavior alarms
Open-door temperature monitoring
Temperature & humidity real-time control
Order management
Collision alarms
Settings for abnormal door opening / closing
Temperature & humidity configuration
Dispatching management
Daily mileage and fuel consumption statistics
Printing RFID temperature readings
Dangerous driving behavior statistics
Inquiry into duration of door opening
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