Unclear liabilities for accidents and violations
Unstructured and complicated organization
Unreasonable repair and maintenance
Unjustifiable reimbursement of fuel cost
Misuse for private purpose
Insufficient management and cost reporting
Pain points in company car management
Technical Solution
·Capex    ·Opex    ·Variable cost
·Functional positioning    ·Service alignment    ·Demand forecast
·Asset management    ·Process monitoring  ·Supervision and auditing
Key functions

Vehicle asset management

Basic information
Location information
Vehicle inquiry
Application for utilization
Application for utilization
Dispatch order
Duty schedule
Dispatch display
Dispatch settings
Vehicle dispatching
Day-to-day maintenance
Vehicle fault list
Onboard device utilization information
Vehicle maintenance
Statistical reports
Vehicle reports
Personnel reports
Behavioral analysis
Abnormality statistics
Analytical reports
Tolling and refueling
Repair and maintenance
Insurance and annual inspection
Expense application
Expense approval
Expense inquiry
Expense management
Mobile apps for drivers

Requests for vehicle utilization

Requests for vehicle utilization are filed via mobile app; drivers receive message of assignment and make timely response.

Approval of vehicle utilization

Supervisors make approval on mobile devices, and access real-time status of vehicle utilization

Vehicle users receive on mobile devices real-time messages on violations, fuel consumption, mileage, maintenance alerts, vehicle abnormality and faults.

Message management

Vehicle management

Check via apps the real-time status, routes and parking of vehicles.

Safety alerts

Automatically monitor faults, engine temperature, coolant level and other key safety indicators, and simultaneously notify car users and the control center on cloud of the detected safety risks.

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