Functions of intelligent vehicle dispatch system
Vehicle positioning
Route tracking
Incident notification
Fuel consumption management
Vehicle imaging
Driving behavior
Mileage statistics
Route planning
scheduling & dispatching
System automatically calibrates mileage and fuel consumption data with inputs from multiple devices, and achieves more accurate mileage and fuel consumption metrics and more objective cost and remuneration assessment.
System supports WYSIWYG, recognizes user operation traces, studies user operation habits, and creates easy user experience.

Precision gyroscope is integrated to accurately sense inappropriate driving behaviors in real-time, know drivers’safety level, and identify driving risks.
System provides full transparency of vehicle movement, driver status, vehicle location, parking, refueling, abnormally unfilled tanks and other behaviors.
Products and services are constantly optimized to meet the needs of various industries, and develop a professional intelligent fleet management platform.
Platform receives real-time information about such factors as vehicle movement, vehicle status, accidents, location and local weather, and allows managers to gain knowledge and make timely decisions.
Product benefits
Professional ultrasonic fuel detector
Ultrasonic fuel detector, powered by contactless ultrasonic measurement technology, leverages the ability of ultrasonic wave to penetrate solid and liquid matters, picks up the reflection echo generated when ultrasonic wave meets liquid matters, and calculates the liquid level per the speed of transmission of ultrasonic wave in the relevant medium.
No blind zone for detection
Compact in size
Easy to install
Wide in application
Automatic Sorting
Platform strengths
Adaptable data collection hardware
Software mature and easy to install
Industry leadership
Precise and intelligent algorithm
Numerous use cases:
1. Successful cases in 100+ enterprises
2. So easy as to be learned within half a day
3. SaaS architecture, no need to install

Able to collect data from all kinds of vehicles and easy to install
1. Collect raw data from vehicles
2. Various interfaces to push alarm data
3. Intelligent analysis of business data
Meet the needs of heterogenous enterprises
1. Ordinary logistics fleets
2. Express logistics fleets
3. Systems customized per business models
Fuel consumption data are calibrated with inputs from both T-Box and ultrasonic fuel detector. By intelligent computing, fuel consumption data will gain precision and match the reality of refueling and abnormally underfilled tanks.

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