App Integrated Platform
12 features of App platform
Vehicle health
Theft prevention
Battery monitoring
Wi-Fi hotspot
Tire pressure
Emergency rescue
Premium shopping
Maintenance advisor
Fuel saver
Violation alert
Ride hailing
Vehicle tracking
Intelligent connected cloud platform
Big data analytics
Driving data analytics algorithm:
OBD fault code / fuel consumption analysis
Driving behavior analytics algorithm:
Brake slamming / idling without moving /mobile apps
O2O service connected:
rescue, parking, 4S dealerships, expressway ETC
Panoramic telematics experiences:
Auto beauty / Repair and maintenance /
Theft prevention / Emergency rescue /
Vehicle steward
Vehicle service ecosystem
Real-time alarming
Emergency alert:
Safety alert / tire pressure alert / voltage alert / repair alert
Violation alert:
Real-time alert / On-time handling
Intelligent traffic management to energize cities:
Traffic dynamics monitoring / track recognition and navigation /
Driving behavior correction / Urban traffic coordination /
Congestion mitigation /
Enhancing service ability / Improving city environment /
Visualized traffic management
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