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GUANGZHOUYAME INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.is a hi-tech firm, founded on February 28,2011 and spearheading the innovative R&D on telematics and big data inChina. The Provincial Department of Science and Technology of Guangdongcertified our Engineering Research Center on Telematics Big Data Constructionand Application. The company received the license of value-addedtelecommunication service, ISO quality management certification, CCC certificateand other high-level recognitions. In the course of development, we graduallyimproved the big data-based automobile ecosystem, covering such areas asvehicle sales, maintenance, warranty and finance, providing customizedtelematics and intelligent transport information management solutions togovernment agencies, vehicle manufactures, post-sales service providers,financiers, insurers, telecom carriers and other corporate users.

Hardware Ecosystem for Telematics

Air Purifiers

With air purifiers on the go, keep fresh air around and pollution away.

Remotely monitor your parked vehicle day and night.

Smart device for new-energy and premium vehicles.

Smart Devices

Intelligent black boxes ensure healthy vehicles and safe rides.

AI Mirror


1+N Ecosystem
O2O services

New retail

We stay focused on user demand, around which our onboard intelligent hardware products are designed, telematics services provided, data connected, ecosystem built, resources shared, capabilities pooled, innovative and competitive solutions developed and value created for users and community.

Big data applications
Smart transport
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TEL: 4006-608-608                    ADD:Building 3, Shidai E-Park, no.227, Gaotang Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Customer service mailbox:service@ecpark.cn
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